Insitu | Woodworm
Insitu SCP provides a full preservation and restoration service for the treatment of woodworm, structural damage, masonry repairs and timber decay in properties of all ages in the South East of England.
Woodworm, woodworm treatment, structural damage, structural repairs, timber decay
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The term ‘Woodworm’ is used generally to describe wood boring insect attack, the most common form being Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). Long standing infestations can cause severe structural damage, and it is estimated that three quarters of older properties are affected.




The characteristic woodworm holes are exit holes made by the emerging adult beetles.




Generally the treatments for wood boring infestation, would involve the application of a suitable insecticidal fluid by pressure spray to all accessible surfaces within the affected area i.e. Roof voids, floors and staircases. In most cases treated areas can be re-occupied after one hour has passed providing the area has been well ventilated.

Larger oak timbers found mainly in older timber framed buildings, may have to be injected with an insecticidal paste or “Gel”, with possibly a surface application to the exposed surfaces in addition to the injection of the material, once any loose material has been removed.