Wood Boring Insects

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The three most likely damp suspects in your home:

Understanding Wood Boring Insects

Types of Insect

It must be said, when it comes to woodworm and wood boring insects like the Common Furniture Beetle and the Death Watch Beetle, we have a very unusual fascination. We breed them! I know what you are thinking, we breed them and then release them into your homes for them to start wreaking havoc and then we come in to save the day and spray them all dead…no, we don’t and it doesn’t work like that anyway.

We breed them to study them. We set up controlled experiments because we have a passion for the natural world and a scientific interest into their subterranean lives. Through breeding them we can study the annual patterns of disruption they cause to the sections of timber we place in their holding vessels. We can study the woodworm, the emerging adults and the breeding process all within our controlled setting.

Breeding & Studying Wood Boring Insects

Our Breeding Program

We have successfully bred the Death Watch Beetle, Common Furniture Beetle and the Powder post beetle. Each year we learn something new from each of our resident insects and we are constantly amazed by their different scurrying activities.

We have lots of live footage and stills from our annual observations which we will be putting onto the website very soon. It’ll make interesting viewing for the science and nature geeks out there!

Understanding the life of Woodworm

Life Cycle of Woodworm

Anyhow, the causations for these insects to take up residency in your property is a combination of factors, surrounding environment, internal dampness and the type of timber present. When the moisture content is raised in timber the conditions become palatable for our six-legged friends and they get to work quickly.

The adult beetles do not feed, they just reproduce and die, therefore the evidence and structural damage is due to the woodworm / larvae itself. Woodworm is a generic term for any wood boring insects offspring. For up to three to four years, little grubs can bore randomly through a myriad of timbers in your home.

Damp Prevention

What can you do?

Drains & Gutters

Broken guttering, dislodged down-pipes, blocked drains. They all display visual evidence that you should be alert to and should be able to redeem with some simple proactive maintenance.

High Ground

High ground levels that have been built up around your property will cause issues internally. Bridging the damp proof course will give moisture a direct avenue into your home.

Blown Render

De-laminated (blown render) will act like a trough and fill with water, which will sit against your property and saturate the brickwork. This is all too common nowadays and very easily remedied.


Misinformed and unskilled trades telling you something that they have no understanding of. This will result in spending your hard-earned money trying to fight back symptoms rather than tackling the root cause.

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How can we help?

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