Insitu | Wet Rot
Insitu SCP provides a full preservation and restoration service for the treatment of woodworm, structural damage, masonry repairs and timber decay in properties of all ages in the South East of England.
Woodworm, woodworm treatment, structural damage, structural repairs, timber decay
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Wet Rot



Wet Rot (Coniophora puteana) is a less serious and damaging problem than dry rot.




The effect of Wet Rot fungi can look very similar to that of Dry Rot and it is therefore vital to choose a specialist company that employs surveyors who know the difference and will give you an honest and unbiased diagnosis.




The first action would be to stop the ingress of moisture that has affected the timbers in the first place. Any structurally weakened timbers should be replaced (often under the guidance of a structural surveyor). The remaining structurally sound timbers left in-situ can be treated by spray application of a suitable dual purpose Boron based insecticidal/fungicidal fluid and surface applied paste or “Gel”.

Wet rot