Trees are beautiful but sometimes damaging

Tree Root Damage

Trees are a great way to add value to your property and improve the overall aesthetic of your home, but as beautiful as your trees are above the ground, there are roots growing below the surface that have the potential to cause major damage.

tree root damage

Getting to the root of the problem

What to look for

Tree root damage can begin with minuscule cracks, but if left unattended, can completely disrupt your ability to use your driveway and cause enormous damage to your home.


If preserving the tree is important to you, it is possible to trim the roots that have caused damage without removing the tree. However, since trees are living organisms, their roots never stop growing. See opposite!


The tree will likely replace the roots over time and any initial repairs you had made would be susceptible to new damage. In addition to infestation and disease that can occur when tree roots are cut, keep in mind these roots are also supporting the height and weight of the tree. This means that if those roots are no longer there, the tree can eventually topple over during high winds. Everything around your home could be at risk when that happens.

Invasive roots

Tree Root Hotspots

Pipes are a nutrient oasis for tree roots. They contain oxygen, nutrients, and water, things the roots naturally seek. Vapor from the pipes escapes to the outside soil and the roots grow toward the moisture in the pipe. If it can, the root will find a crack or small hole in the pipe and then grow—which widens the hole in the pipe and makes things worse.


Once inside, the root will continue to grow which then acts as a collector of toilet paper and waste, causing blocks to the line. Eventually, the clog will completely block the flow and make a big mess as well as a costly fix.

Tree root damage

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