Insitu | Rising Damp
Insitu SCP provides a full preservation and restoration service for the treatment of woodworm, structural damage, masonry repairs and timber decay in properties of all ages in the South East of England.
Woodworm, woodworm treatment, structural damage, structural repairs, timber decay
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Rising Damp



Rising Damp is normally found in older properties where the lack of any efficient damp proof course allows moisture from the ground to rise up through the brickwork by capillary action. Most damp proof courses have a limited life, 30-50 years being the norm.




The visible signs of rising damp include discolouration and staining above skirting level, rotted skirtings, and contaminated wall plaster.




The only satisfactory solution is to remove all contaminated plaster. Install a new damp course and carry out specialist replastering. Silicone damp courses have stood the test of time and are totally efficient.

Rising Damp