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What is happening

The Truth

We shall keep this brief and to the point… your home is suffering with damp and you may have a strange looking fungal formation growing within your home, so what do you do? You call INSITU, and we will save you time, money and stress in diagnosing the issue and managing it.

Eliminating all sources of moisture from any property is impossible, water vapour is everywhere and the bringer of life. It supports everything around us. So, its total annihilation is not the solution, it is the management and control of the levels around us. That is what we care about.  You cannot attain equilibrium within a home just by plastering a wall. There is way more to it than that.

We will determine what is happening in your home firstly by using three of our basic senses: sight, smell, touch and good old common sense. The issues you are staring at, or staring at you, are just the symptoms of a greater issue. All these characteristics will need to be evaluated, monitored and a source of moisture ingress will need to be determined prior to any remedial works, if any are even needed. Most of the time it is just a holistic tweak and a modification in our life style that is warranted to remedy the greater problem.

Explaining the detail

The Science

Your home requires a delicate balance of internal atmospheric moisture, too much and life will start to grow around you, to little and you’ll feel like a dried-out Jacobs cracker and the surrounding cellulose-based construction materials around the property will also start to be affected.


Excessive moisture laden air (condensation) arises from many of the activities we undertake within buildings, e.g. washing and bathing, laundry, and preparation of food.

These activities can typically produce 7 to 10 litres of moisture/ water vapour per day. With an effective mechanical ventilation system, including humidistat set extraction units strategically placed in the wettest rooms of the home, water vapour can be dissipated quickly and effectively.


However, if there are no facilities put in place to remove this moisture laden air, then it may also condense as liquid moisture on to cold surfaces. Where this condensation is absorbed by surface finishes and linings, increasing surface moisture contents, there may be an increased risk of mould, fungi or disrupted finishes.

The reason we have mentioned so much about condensation related issues is because your home is probably, and moist likely, suffering with this very common issue. We implore you to take control of your home and purchase a basic hygrometer online and see what the reading is within your home. If the internal Relative Humidity (RH) reading is above 70% daily, then condensation will be the most likely cause of you Googling the issue and bringing you to our door.

What’s happening

The Investigation

The symptoms of damp that are affecting your life may not be attributed to condensation, if this is the case, then there is a need for a more in-depth investigation. We like to call this type of evidence ‘destructive moisture’. This means that there is an abundance, a source, of moisture that is continual and uncontrolled. This moisture then overwhelms the fabric of the home and burst its way through, causing destruction to the surfaces.

This may occur by water coming up through the ground via the concrete floor or oversite. Rising the low-lying walls due to an external defect. Or through the walls or down from the roof top. Like anything left outside for a long period of time, it will undergo serious erosion, weathering and fail at some point during its lifetime. This is where the investigation takes place. We liken it to working out a crime scene, you have physical evidence, a suspect and as the detective, you must work out what has gone on.

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Finding the source


Positive input ventilation (PIV) brings in continual fresh, filtered air into a property thus dispelling all the stagnant, moisture laden air. Humidistat controlled extraction fans placed into the kitchen and bathroom will also help monitor levels of atmospheric moisture and quickly remove all the unwanted levels of moisture. The implementation of mechanical ventilation and extraction can change lives.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our utmost to assist you. Insitu SCP are one of the most established names in building preservation in the South East of England, with over 40 years experience in the industry. You can be assured that we will identify potential issues, find the best solution and deliver long lasting results with minimal disruption.