Commercial Buildings

Where we start

The Symptoms

Our experience dealing with commercial properties, large estates and rented properties date back for many years. As with residential properties, we simply look at the symptoms and diagnose.


All our commercial clients have extremely busy lives and a lot to manage day to day. Therefore, they like to call us when an issue of dampness, timber decay or structural decline is taking place in one of their properties or on one of their estates.

The right solution


The diagnosis of moisture damage within a property needs to be assessed closely and sometimes monitored for more than just a day. Sometimes a quick holistic fix to a defective gutter or the lowering of ground levels can elevate the symptoms of dampness internally. Other times, more time consuming and involved preservation work is warranted. Whatever the circumstances, we have the capacity to deal with anything.

“A Superb Company” – Anna 

“Saved me a lot of money” – Peter 

“In a different league” – Tony 

Find Your Expert


We have our own in-house team who are skilled in everything you could think of. We have never met a challenge that we could not fathom or get to the bottom of.


Fire damaged buildings, flood restoration, condensation related issues, external weather-proofing, internal water-proofing. Are just a few of the day to day aspects of work we undertake.

A Different Angle

Our Approach

Our appeal to our long-standing clients is that we don’t turn up to every property we inspect to quote for work, we come to survey for solutions. If work is needed, then it is explained and made clear as to why you need to spend money. You won’t be bamboozled or sold down the river because we need the work. You will get honesty, integrity and a damn good service!

How can we help?

About Insitu SCP

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our utmost to assist you. Insitu SCP are one of the most established names in building preservation in the South East of England, with over 40 years experience in the industry. You can be assured that we will identify potential issues, find the best solution and deliver long lasting results with minimal disruption.