Pest Control

We have a small, qualified (RSPH level 2) and experienced pest control team who are able to advise on and carry out remedial treatments on most kinds of pest species. So whether you have a pest problem in your home or even within your business we can offer you solutions.

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The Usual Suspects

Common Pests

Common kinds of pests encountered and dealt with on a regular basis include rats, mice, grey squirrels, ants, wasps and various kinds of insects and beetles. We always strive to use an integrated pest management approach when dealing with any pest problem. In simple terms this means trying to find the cause or source of any infestation, treating the pest species in the most humane and efficient manner and then putting preventative measures in place in order to reduce the likelihood of any further problems.

The Process

Pest Management

Pest management is a fascinating and broad field of work, but simply speaking, a pest control technician identifies, controls and eliminates pests or vermin. This will normally involve:


  • Advising customers on preventative measures and suitable methods of control
  • Inspecting customer premises and reporting on the status of pest infestation
  • Organising and undertaking a programme of treatments using pest control equipment or chemicals to control and eliminate target pests
  • Reporting on all inspections, detailing the programme of treatments and the chemicals used on the premises to maintain health and safety

Key areas


The level of expertise of pest control technicians has changed over the years, and while the basics such as the recognition of animal signs still need to be learned and developed, there is a requirement to be technically competent in other areas such as:


  • Relevant legislation
  • Pesticide use
  • Resistance to pesticides
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental protection

The responsibility that goes with the use of pesticides is considerable, and the need to protect the environment forms an increasingly important part of the pest technician’s duties.

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