Penetrating & Rising Damp

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The three most likely damp suspects in your home:

The Invading Water Source

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is exactly what is says on the tin. Water, from an external source, making its way through the buildings defences, normally due to a defect surrounding the property, then entering your property. When this invading water source breaks through to the inner façade, there will be no doubting its presence.

Uncharacteristic staining’s to the internal face positioned on an external wall. Surface disruption to the paint and plaster will be evident. There may also be hygroscopic salts present on the surfaces, these salts attract atmospheric moisture and can make an issue look worse than it is.

Ground Level Invader

Rising Damp

Rising damp is also a symptom just like penetrating damp. When water rises through capillarity it is always being fed by a greater source of water, how else would it be able to travel upwards if it wasn’t being fed right? The rising of water is no different to the lateral movement of water. In each instance it is flagging a problem surrounding your home and a visual alarm to get something done about it.


Please don’t wait for a small problem to grow into a bigger and more expensive one. Listen to your property and understand what it is trying to tell you.

Protecting your home

Property Defences

Your property has an armoury of defences to combat against penetrating and rinsing damp. These defences have been designed and protected over centuries to maintain a dry dwelling. However, you can never achieve a ‘bone-dry’ home, this is impossible. All materials within the home will have a moisture content, this moisture content will stay stable and innocuous on the condition that the external defences are up to scratch and maintain.


When external defences fail, or shoddy work is undertaken to a property, then Mother Nature will find a route into your home and set up camp, it is that simple.

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