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Our team is made up of hand picked experienced, qualified and friendly surveyors and trades people. We have been providing building surveys and property preservation services for over 25 years!

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Conduct a whole building survey using specialist tools and knowledge

Identify Issues

Identify any damp, timber or masonry problems

Source of Moisture

Discover the source of moisture or other issue(s)

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We communicate clearly about the findings

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Discuss any questions you may have

Comprehensive Written Report

Create a bespoke, in-depth written report

Expert Property Surveys

Why you need a property survey?

Your property is probably the largest investment you will ever make therefore it’s in your best interest to keep it in good shape. Water is the stuff of life but can be a buildings worst enemy. Damp and timber problems can cause untold damage if left untreated and can end up costing large sums of money to resolve. Catching damp and timber issues early is the best way to save your property and your money.

Property Survey
Property Survey

A Holistic Methodology

Our Approach To Surveys

We are property and science geeks who love nothing more than inspecting a property like a crime scene. We have adopted a holistic whole house approach when dealing with damp issues. Rather than simply looking at the symptoms of a damp or timber issue and prescribing a quick fix, we like to dig deeper to discover the source(s) of the issue and deliver a well-constructed, scientific solution that will last.

Property Care Industry Experts

Who Will Conduct The Survey?

One of our qualified, experienced and friendly surveyors will undertake the damp and timber survey.

All of our surveyors are CSRT, CSJK and/or CSSW qualified meaning they hold the highest qualifications in the industry, certified by the Property Care Association (PCA). We are truly passionate about what we do and love to communicate our findings in an easy to understand way rather than baffle people with industry technojargon.

Property Surveyors

Science, Expertise & Common Sense

What Tools Do We Use?

Moisture Meter

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Camera

Cavity Inspection Camera





Salt Analysis Kit

Salt Analysis Kits

Cutting Edge Technologies

What Will The Survey Involve?

The surveyor will take a holistic whole house approach to the property. Therefore, the survey will look at the entirety of the property to ensure all symptoms and sources of dampness, structural damage and timber degradation are detected. They will investigate any sources of moisture and water ingress into the property including penetrating and rising damp, condensation, hygroscopic salts, leaking services, defective rainwater goods and more. Any timber decay or fungal growth will be inspected and analysed comprehensively. Our specialist tool kit will be deployed to get to the bottom of any issues, this includes the tools listed below.


Throughout the survey, they will be able to inform you about what they are seeing, in a clear and understandable way. This will include a verbal description of the diagnosed problem and potential solutions and a breakdown of the problems the property is facing. If you have any questions at all the surveyor will be more than happy to answer them for you during the visit.


The duration of the survey will depend greatly on the size of the property and nature of the issues which it is facing. We would expect to take a minimum of 1 hour for a standard 2-bedroom property.

Damp and Timber Survey
Survey Written Report

Comprehensive Written Report

What Is Included In The Written Report?

Our reports are thorough and in depth, including our findings and photographs of areas of interest. We will also include a quotation for any work that should be undertaken. The report will be delivered via PDF or post depending on your preferences. Our reports are often used in legal matters due to the trustworthiness of the content and the professionalism of the report.

We Provide The Full Service

What Happens Next?

Our team of tradesmen are on hand and ready to complete any work that needs to be undertaken. This means that you can rest assured that the work will be completed to the highest standard. Our damp and timber repairs come with a 10-year Guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Property Survey

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