Insitu | Frequently Asked Questions
Insitu SCP provides a full preservation and restoration service for the treatment of woodworm, structural damage, masonry repairs and timber decay in properties of all ages in the South East of England.
Woodworm, woodworm treatment, structural damage, structural repairs, timber decay
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Damp and Timber Survey?

A damp survey is carried out to determine if a property is damp and if so what type of dampness and identifying any causes and provide solutions.  A timber survey will check floor and roof timbers for signs of Wood boring beetle infestation (woodworm) or decay.

I am buying a new home and the Homebuyers survey recommends a damp and timber inspection what will this consist of?

  1. Inspection for Rising damp and Penetrating damp using a moisture meter along with visual observations.
  2. Check sub floor ventilation is sufficient.
  3. Inspect roof and wooden floor timbers for infestation and rot.
  4. Advise on any condensation issues and extraction fans.
  5. Comment, in general, on condition of the building.

NB All the above is subject to your requirements, accessibility and limitations.

Why do I have to pay for a survey when other companies do it for free?

Unfortunately nothing in life is for free. So when you see “Free survey” you have to ask yourself, ‘So how do they earn a living?’  We only charge a small fee just to cover the cost of our experienced and qualified surveyor attending and as a gesture of good will we will deduct this fee from the final invoice if any work is carried out. We will not quote for any work if we do not think it is necessary and unlike some “free surveys” we will happily return for repeat visits if your damp issue needs monitoring.

How long will a damp and timber survey take?

Usually the survey will last approximately 1 hour but this depends on the size of the property and individual requirements.

What are the causes of damp?

Most damp problems fall into the category of Rising damp, Penetrating damp or Condensation and in turn are the result of environmental conditions acting on the structure of your home. Poor workmanship and incorrectly installed damp proofing systems can also cause big problems, especially if the homeowner or landlord believes those problems to be rectified.


Victorian and older properties are naturally well ventilated but by trying to insulate them can cause condensation issues.  Also the changing weather conditions we are seeing and heavy rainfall can contribute to both rising and penetrating damp problems.

What are the signs of a damp problem?

Common indications of damp are discoloration to paintwork, peeling wallpaper or blistering or blown plaster. You may also see an obvious damp tidemark or skirting boards may appear to be warping or cracking due to being in contact with wet masonry.  If you have black mould or a musty smell it is more likely to be a condensation issue. It always best to ask the opinion of an expert as the issue could very easily be remedied without the need for work or you parting you’re your money.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Most of our damp and timber treatments will be covered by our 10 year Guarantee.


In addition to our Guarantee, as we are members of the Property Care Association we can offer you a Guarantee Protection Trust Ltd (GPI) back up Guarantee. This cover protects you and subsequent owners of the property should our company cease trading in the next ten years.


We can also offer a 20 year Guarantee but insurance is not available.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all counties within East Sussex and West Sussex areas. We also travel to Surrey, Kent, and Royal Tunbridge Wells areas. Please call the office and chat with one our friendly receptionists who will clarify if you are in our surveying radius.

Can you convert my basement into a usable room?

Yes we can. As experienced and approved Delta Membrane installers we can convert any basement into a usable room very simply. We would make the judgement on what type of system to use during the surveying phase, we would then submit you the report, sketch plan and budget in the costs of installation from start to finish. We would then install the complete basement waterproofing system, any required pumps, and mechanical ventilation; literally everything would be catered for. We would then leave you not only very satisfied and with a functional and usable basement, but also with full product guarantees and installation guarantees for your peace of mind.