Insitu | Drone Surveying Service
Insitu SCP provides a full preservation and restoration service for the treatment of woodworm, structural damage, masonry repairs and timber decay in properties of all ages in the South East of England.
Woodworm, woodworm treatment, structural damage, structural repairs, timber decay
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Drone Surveying Service

What is a Drone Survey?
We use a high tech drone and a combination of high definition telephoto lenses to take aerial footage and record images of the top layout of roofs, chimneys, rainwater goods, masonry defects, missing tiles and other out of reach rooftop fixtures.

Why a Drone survey?
As a property surveying company, we undertake countless surveys of commercial and residential properties in the South East of England. We can enter the entire envelope of a property starting at the basement and inspecting all the way up to the main rood void, however, that’s where it usually ends. We found this very frustrating, as did our clients, when for example they were suffering because of an undetected defect in their roof detail due to a defective chimney or a blocked valley. This is why we started using a drone. We have found that by using a bird’s eye view this, it allows us to scan an entire rooftop layout and spot any potential defects or possible weaknesses. We can then direct any further action (if required) straight away, rather than waiting for the ceiling to come crashing down! We’ve had good feedback from using this service and save our clients money from blanket scaffolding costs. A drone survey is non-evasive, quick and very efficient in finding faults.

Drone Survey

Who is undertaking the Drone survey?
INSITU SCP, is a long established property surveying company that has been successfully carrying out inspections for over twenty five years. We are fully qualified members of the Property Care Association and primarily undertake involved timber and damp inspections, diagnose faults, and overall keepproperties structural secure and dry. We have previously worked on all types of commercial and domestic properties ranging from 21st century building projects and Victorian Semi’s to country estates and listed properties. We are a highly respected and reputable surveying company and we have a great ongoing relationship with many of our customers, commercial and domestic alike. Our drone pilot is fully qualified, legal and certified for the use of an aerial drone in most public environments. He uses the latest modern day drone technology and state-of-the-art, high-definition lenses for crystal clear images for our reports.

A brief introduction to a drone survey:

  1.  Tree growing from top of chimney, consequences are that the roots will cause many of the bricks to dislodge and loosen over time.
  2. Loose cement render around chimney pots.
  3. Open chimney pots exposed to the rain.
  4. Large section of brick work on the right hand side of image raised and loose.

A second brief introduction to a drone survey:

  1. Blocked rainwater goods in corner junction. The consequence of this type of blockage will mean that rainwater will be backed up the valley and enter the fabric of the property and cause serious
    timber decay.
  2. Loose and slipped tiles. Consequences can be rain penetration within the fabric of the roof void leading to timber decay.
  3. Flat roof at the end of its lifespan currently littered with moss and tile debris. The consequences of this will be that rainwater will be saturated in the moss and substrate on the roof and will not fall away as it should. If this was spotted on a pre-purchase survey, allowance could have been made in pre-purchase negotiations.

The benefits of a drone survey

  1.  Pinpoint exact locations of potential issues and ongoing defects.
  2. Give scaffolding companies exact location details on where to erect a scaffold, rather than random blanket scaffolding of an entire roof which would save money.
  3. Minimal disruption and non-evasive rooftop surveys.
  4. Detailed reports and professional recommendations on rectifying any potential defects.
  5. Peace of mind for the client knowing that your entire property has been surveyed.
  6. Very popular with pre-purchase surveys.

How do I arrange a drone survey?

If you would like to use our drone surveying service, or have any questions or queries, then please get in
touch and we would be happy to talk you through the costs and arrange a suitable date.