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The three most likely damp suspects in your home:

Condensation issues

What’s happening?

If you have Googled the word condensation then you are probably suffering with either unsightly black mould growth, a stagnant smelling atmosphere or condensing water freely dripping down your windows and making everything wet. Rest assured, you have come to the right place for help.


We could go into the in-depth science behind all the above, which is called Psychrometrics, however we won’t. Not because we don’t understand it, or, that we don’t want to divulge the information, merely because you’re just looking for logical solutions to solve it and make it go away, not a science lesson.

Knowing where to start

What to do?

The homes that we inspect are nearly always suffering with poor air quality due to the integral working parts of the property itself, it isn’t always just about the people who reside in it. Opening windows is not just a “one fix all” solution to poor ventilation and extraction. Due to our need to stay warm and dry has led to many properties being hermetically sealed, and this is where the problems start.


You would never want to drink a glass of water that has been sitting on the side for week, so why would you breath the air, which is essentially the same elements. Air needs replenishing end of subject. Fresh air needs to enter the property and the stagnant air needs to be removed. This needs to happen daily. Remember that glass of water on your bedside.

Getting in the Experts

We can help

We can diagnose the sources of the humidity, tackle it at the source, and put in a plan to help you live in a home with a good quality atmosphere. When the physics is explained, you will understand the need for mechanical ventilation and extraction units strategically placed around your home.

The solutions to eliminating the cause

Musty and stagnant air

Stale Air

Condensation related problems don’t always present themselves in the physical form that we are used to. Musty and stale air and damp smelling clothes can also be a symptom. You may not even experience any of the typical symptoms of condensation, but you do find that your clothes in your wardrobe smell like an old carpet and there is always a pervasive stench of bad air in the home. This is all linked to the cooking and washing activities that take place in your home daily.


The hermetically sealed home and the failure to displace and replenish the air within it will cause you issues with still air. It only takes a few simple tweaks to the property that will then alleviate this common compliant and dispel the still air and replace it with a much purer atmosphere.

Humidity sensing extraction fans

Smart Extraction

These types of extraction fans are not the type of fans that you would normally come across in a bathroom or kitchen. These fans are clever little gizmos that sit on a ceiling or wall and monitor the levels of humidity that is being created due to activity in the household. They are pre-programmed to boost into action when they detect that the levels of humidity are reaching a critically high level.

Positive Input Ventilation

Clever Air Flow

Over the years the construction of houses throughout the country have concentrated on heat/energy loss and the result has been hermetically sealed homes with no fresh air coming in and no air going out. So, understandably, the issues of condensation, damp and mould became more prominent.


While newer houses are now built with adequate ventilation and Positive Pressure Ventilation systems, this was not always the case, and older properties which have been renovated to prevent draughts and better retain heat are particularly susceptible to problems arising from condensation and damp. This may be the reason you are now reading this text, but worry not, we can help.

Damp Prevention

What can you do?

Drains & Gutters

Broken guttering, dislodged down-pipes, blocked drains. They all display visual evidence that you should be alert to and should be able to redeem with some simple proactive maintenance.

High Ground

High ground levels that have been built up around your property will cause issues internally. Bridging the damp proof course will give moisture a direct avenue into your home.

Blown Render

De-laminated (blown render) will act like a trough and fill with water, which will sit against your property and saturate the brickwork. This is all too common nowadays and very easily remedied.


Misinformed and unskilled trades telling you something that they have no understanding of. This will result in spending your hard-earned money trying to fight back symptoms rather than tackling the root cause.

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How can we help?

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