Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Chimney Defects

You will only realise that there is an issue with your chimney when chunks of masonry start to fall to the ground, or the tidemark of dampness starts to creep into the fabric of the property.

chimney defects

Keep an eye out

What to look for

The average homeowner can do some inspection work on their chimney, such as looking for leaks and signs of moisture on the internal chimney breast and spotting crumbling brickwork around the outside of the chimney or inside the fireplace


As a chimney ages, the bricks and mortar can begin experiencing small cracks. Even if the cracks are tiny, they will still be big enough to let in water from rain or melting snow and ice. Once water is inside the system, the annual freeze-thaw cycles will create further, more extensive damage.

We are Chimney Experts

Chimney Inspections

However, a professional chimney sweep can look a lot deeper into potential chimney damage and see things homeowners can’t. We have the knowledge and drone technology that allows us to inspect every square inch of the chimney and have the experience to determine why the damage is happening and what to do about it.


A chimney inspection will include checking the flashing, the chimney stack, the flaunching and the overall structural integrity of the chimney. This is the only way to ensure that any, and all defects are found and that the necessary work is done to make the unit safe and strong.

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