Basement Water Proofing

The alternative to moving to a new house may be to expand and use areas of your property that are underground. If you’re lucky enough to own a basement, you’ll want to make sure it’s a great investment and utilise that forgotten space.

Learn About Your Basement

Understanding Basement Moisture

Not only do basement conversions add value to your property, they create more space for a growing family. In the past, many different water proofing systems have been tried and, in most cases, failed to deal with the problem of creating that dry environment that would naturally be expected below ground level. Understanding the forces of hydrostatic pressures and hydrology should always be top of the agenda when dealing with a below ground structure.

Cutting-edge Techniques

Type C – Cavity Drain Membranes:

The cavity drain system we typically install is designed to control water vapour and the penetrations of ground water. Once the system is in place, three main functions are achieved. Firstly, the system becomes vapour proof, secondly damp pressure is equalised and thirdly, the system will act as a drained cavity system, controlling water ingress.

Know What Your Are Suffering With

Various Causes Of Damp

Cavity drainage systems work on the principle that any water entering on the ‘wet’ side of the system is drained away rather than retained. This Type C system is ideally selected for your basement due to the current damp issues being caused by:


  • Lateral penetration of capillary held moisture from the adjacent surrounding earth.
  • Dampness rising by capillary action in the walls.
  • Dampness rising through the floor.
  • Moisture penetrating the floor/wall junction.

Utilise Our Knowledge

Solve Things Properly

A cavity drainage system is the most sympathetic system that can be applied to the structure, as it will not induce any additional stress as a result of increased water pressure. Type C systems are also reversible, which means they can be removed without causing too much destruction to the fabric of the basement. This is the only choice for any listed building, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Reclaiming Your Basement

Creating A Habitable Space

This type of drainage system allows water to percolate into the building but traps the moisture between the waterproof membrane barriers, it then drains downwards into the perimeter drainage channels and falls to the sump and pump system. The water then reaches a certain height in the sump before it is pumped up and out of the basement and away from the building. Together, with a mechanically controlled mechanical ventilation system, we could turn your basement into a permanently dry, functional space with a purified atmosphere to boot!

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We offer a wide range of tailored basement water proofing solutions. From sumps and pumps intended to work away in the background, removing ground water, through to cavity drainage membranes. We’ll happily work with you to create a viable and effective basement solution, designed to transform your musty old basement into a new bedroom, cinema room, office; the possibilities are endless.

Basement Room
Basement Cinema

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Our team of CSSW qualified Surveyors are all highly experienced and have many years of expertise in designing and installing basement waterproofing systems. We take pride in working closely with our customers and from your initial contact with us, through to the completion of your project, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you and your home are in safe and experienced hands.

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