Aerial Progress Updates

The perfect solution for property developers and construction projects. Drone video footage and still images of your projects. Filmed at regular intervals to allow you to keep track of build progress and monitor sites. Media can also be used for engaging marketing collateral.

drone survey

Regular 4K Drone Surveys

Track Projects

Keep Track Of Build Progress

stakeholder updates

Provide Visual Updates to Stakeholders


Monitor Site Management & Safety


Create Engaging Marketing Materials

competitive budget

Competitive Pricing For All Budgets

4K Video & HD Photos

Regular Drone Surveys Of Your Developments

We take regular aerial 4K video and HD photo footage of your developments as they progress. Great for tracking progress, monitoring site management, creating marketing collateral and more.

Aerial Progress Updates
Aerial Progress Updates

No Need To Visit Sites

Provide Updates To Stakeholders

Deliver regular updates of build development to managers and stakeholders. With 4K aerial video footage and HD images, they can view progress without having to travel to the site. Perfect for use in monthly board meetings.

An Eye In The Sky

Monitor Site Management & Safety

A birds-eye view of your development gives you an easy way to monitor how a site is being managed. Ensure health and safety procedures are being met and personal protective equipment (PPE) is being worn.

Aerial Progress Updates
Aerial Progress Updates

Utilise High-Resolution Media

Create Engaging Marketing Collateral

Utilise the high-resolution media for marketing campaigns. Use HD images for print or online marketing. We can also create time-lapse videos covering the full duration of a development.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Get Creative With Optional Extras

If you are after something even more interesting, we can offer time-lapse video, 3D graphic models of singular buildings or whole sites and also 3D photographic tours. Get in touch for more information about these services.

Aerial Progress Updates
Aerial Progress Updates

Property Preservation & Restoration Experts

Conducted By Property Experts

We are property experts and have an inside understanding of the construction industry. We are used to working on building sites, both big and small, and have all appropriate safety equipment. We can liaise with site managers to book in the best times to visit and record aerial footage.

Solutions For All Budgets

Competitive Pricing

Drone aerial surveys are much more cost effective than alternatives. We offer competitive pricing on our regular aerial progress updates. Prices start from £250 + VAT. Get in touch today for more information.

Aerial Progress Updates

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