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With over two decades of experience treating damp, we’re well placed to solve your damp problem. Protect your property by booking a survey today.

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Damp doesn’t just damage the aesthetics of your property, it can also cause respiratory problems. Let us restore your home so you can protect your health.

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We’ve got a reputation for restoring properties across Sussex. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our reviews from happy homeowners.

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Before we undergo any preventative works, we’ll advise on the most affordable treatments to give you long-lasting protection against damp.

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As part of our service, we offer a 20-year guarantee on all treatments as standard. That way, you’ve got peace of mind for decades to come.


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Protect your property and restore its value by contacting our specialists today.

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Damp-proofing specialists serving Sussex and beyond

Water is a silent assassin that can slowly rot your property years before you even notice. From wet rot and dry rot through to rising and penetrating damp, moisture will expose your property at its weakest points. As tempting as it might be to surface treat signs of water damage, you’re only prolonging a problem that’ll cost you more in the long run. For the wiser homeowners, professionally treating damp as soon as it’s spotted is the surefire way to save money and your property.

Whether your home is suffering water damage as a result of rising damp, penetrating damp or excess condensation, our team of specialists will accurately diagnose and treat causes of damp to leave your property dry. As part of our service, we also offer a professional survey to diagnose the root cause of damp and stop it returning to your walls or ceilings. And with decades of industry knowledge under our belts, we provide a wide range of long-lasting treatments that meet your budget. It’s just one of the reasons why we’re the preferred damp proofing specialists across Sussex and beyond.

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At its core, damp proofing is a moisture control applied to walls, ceilings and floors to prevent water penetrating a property. As a common problem for thousands of homeowners across the UK, damp quickly destroys the aesthetics and structural integrity of a property, costing thousands in remedial works. Depending on the age and type of your property, damp proofing can be applied in various forms which can be categorised as damp-proof course (DPC), damp-proof membranes, surface suppressant coatings and cavity wall construction. If you’re suffering from damp in your property, it’s wise to contact a specialist to advise on the right type of treatment.

A professionally installed damp proofing treatment not only protects the structure of your property, but also shields the aesthetics of your living areas from unsightly water damage. As well as property damage, there is also evidence living with damp can affect the health of those with respiratory problems, causing serious health implications. If you spot signs of damp, act quickly to stop it dead by contacting our team today.

Damp can manifest in a range of forms depending on how water is entering your property. Most common signs of damp include: • Cracked and crumbling plaster • Peeling wallpaper • Damaged roofing • Warped floorboards • Musty smells • Moist internal walls • Stained paint • Rotten timber If you spot any signs of damp in your property, call our team to book a site survey.

Provided a damp proof course (DPC) is installed correctly, it will last for 20 to 25 years. If your DPC has failed, it could potentially lead to rising damp and other forms of water ingress.

Left untreated, damp can cause costly damage to your property. Once water has found a way to penetrate your property, it won’t stop until a water-repellent barrier has been installed. As costly as it might be to repair damp, it will become more expensive if you leave it untreated.

Damp proof specialist are well-versed in all forms of water ingress and can offer a bespoke solution to restore your property. Starting with a diagnosis, they will identify the root cause of the problem and advise you on the most appropriate treatment options.

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